Birthday Blues

Today’s chapter is going to be late. Nothing I can really do about that at this point, sorry. It’s my father’s birthday today, so I’m gonna be kinda occupied for most of the day up until the late hours of night. So of course this means the new chapter likely won’t see the light of day until Saturday. Again, my apologies, but there’s simply nothing I can do about it at this point. Perhaps if I was a bit more industrious, but summer spanish class and its nigh-weekly exams have more than a few bones to pick with the idea of me having too much free time these days.

This actually segues me into a different, and very important question, one that I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now. Would you guys, the readers, prefer I release shorter chapters twice a week or longer chapters, such as Snatch 2.4, once weekly? I’ve been thinking of trying out the once-a-week formula for a change of pace until my summer classes are over, but I didn’t want to suddenly change things up so much without listening to the opinions of the people who matter most, the readers.

So please, let me know in the comments which you would prefer, short-order twice-weekly, or longer once-weekly?



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