The First (Emergency) Q&A Corner is Open!

Hello guys! My Brit Lit. midterm is coming up on Monday, so I’ll be spending a lot of time this weekend studying. Which, as you probably guessed, means the chapter is going to be late this week. While I study and try my hardest to have the new chapter up before Monday, I decided now might be a good time to put that Q&A corner I mentioned a week or two back to use.

So cast your vote for whichever character you’d like to have answer your questions about the Goodfae universe in the comments between now (Friday 5:25 PM CT) and 12:00 PM Saturday morning/afternoon, and any questions you may have will be answered all weekend long. In the mean time, wish me luck and I will do my best to have the chapter out as soon as possible.



  1. Alright, voting is closed! From now until Monday morning, feel free to direct any and all questions to the lovable Allesandri family capo, Marquis Allesandri.

  2. So Marquis, what’s it like being a warlock? How did you get this way? What sets you apart from a normal human?

    On a different note, what challenges have you faced, being the youngest capo ever of the Alessandri family? How did you rise to power?

    Also, how did you meet the important people in your life (Alfonso, Sostene, and Nayeli)?

    1. “What the hell happened to one question per customer? Whatever. Let’s see… it’s gonna be hard to answer this all at once, so let’s just start from the beginning. You’re probably all familiar with my daddy, Frankie Allesandri. He’s a big guy with a bigger name, same as he was back then. Me though? I was just his leftovers. Something to remember the missus by. You know. The b-word.

      “He took me in though. Treated me like his one of his own, even though he already had kids. He clothed me, fed me, even taught me how to read when I wasn’t even his real son. I could tell he wanted me to be something. After the fae put an end to the Great War in 1916, I became a part of the first generation to start using magic, I mean really using it. My brothers and sisters would just use it to jack off and do cute little party tricks, but I wanted to learn. That’s what separates a joe schmoe from a warlock or a wizard or whatever you want to call us magic folks. You gotta wanna learn. That’s it. It’s a discipline, not a gift. Al doesn’t really understand that.

      “Dad saw what I was becoming. He encouraged me. Thought it would be a great idea to have a wizard in the family before it really started to catch on. So he bought me all the books and grimoires I wanted and put me to work out on the streets with my half-brother Milo. And that’s when I met Nayeli, after she dropped out of the sky onto my doorstep. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but back then, she hated me. It took some time before we were able to really start talking. Kids, y’know? I had to be patient with her. She’d just been booted out of Olympus, fresh out into the world, she was scared and didn’t know what she was doing or what anything was… y’know, I should probably stop right there. Like I said, she doesn’t like it when I talk about it.

      “Sostene I met in prison. No, really. He was in Alcatraz serving out ten consecutive life sentences. It would’ve been funny to come back in fifty years to see if he was still there making life hell for the guards, but I took pity on the big guy. Back then, I was one of the few people who knew what he was. I knew he wouldn’t rot in that prison, and that if he had to, he would serve out those ten life sentences just collecting dust in that dinky little cell. I couldn’t have that, could I? So I pulled a few strings and got him released. He’s been working with the family ever since. He never did tell me what he did to get put in there for so long…

      “Al I met last a few years later. He was fourteen-ish, I was like seventeen I think? He was really reaching his wits’ end trying to be a good older brother for Annie. It’s not easy for two kids with no parents to make their way in New York. So I did what I thought I had to and I helped him out. Al appreciated having a big brother instead of being the big brother for a change, and he started relying on me for all kinds of stuff. Annie… I met her once. She was never really fond of me. She thought I was ‘bad news’. She’s a sharp one, that’s for sure.

      “After that though, it was just putting things together brick by brick. I made the right moves, got to know the best people, made some critical acquisitions here and there (some of which I shared and some of which I didn’t), and I laid the foundations for my career working for my father. He wanted me to be something. I don’t think I disappointed him.”

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