Secondary Update

And a choice. Some of you may have noticed Friday’s chapter is late. Certain holiday festivities like post-finals parties I planned with friends and the annual production of A Christmas Carol at my local theatre downtown have postponed my activity at the digital typewriter, and I haven’t gotten as much done the past few days as I hoped when I first posted to you on Tuesday about Friday’s chapter. As it is right now, the chapter is maybe half to three-fourths done (1621 words out of a projected 2400-3200).

What I want to ask you all is would you rather I post everything I have right now as it is or would you rather wait until sometime Saturday (early Sunday at the latest) to receive the whole thing? Please comment and tell me which you’d prefer. If I don’t receive any comments, I’ll just assume you’d rather I finish the whole chapter before posting it. Sorry for the delay after such a long time everybody.


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