So I’ve been basically crippled by a pretty bad headache for most of the evening after coming home from the movie theater. Increased sensitivity to sound, nausea, a relentless pounding sensation that makes it impossible to finish a coherent thought, cold sweats, an aversion to light that makes it feel like the sun is trying to hate-fuck my brain through my corneas. That sort of thing. That factored in with the late release of Friday’s chapter for holiday reasons means I wasn’t able to finish this chapter on time either. So instead I’m going push this chapter’s release back to Friday so I can get us back on track and make it double-length too (so either one 5000-6000 word chapter or two shorter ones) as a sort of Christmas present/apology. Let me know what you think in the comments (and don’t be afraid to chew me out either 😉 )


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