Major Update, Please Read!

Okay, so a lot of you are probably wondering what’s going on. To make a long story short, I’ve been facing a lot of difficulties with this new semester of school and a few personal difficulties as well, and it’s been hard for me to find the time to write. I’ve had to wade through a lot of red tape to get some issues with my class schedule fixed, I’m once again taking Spanish which is going to demand my attention one way or another, and now I’m taking my senior seminar, a writing workshop whose expectations will mean I will be writing more each day than ever before.

So, under the influence of a number of stressors in my life and at the suggestion of a friend, I’ve decided I’ll be taking a week off to get my life and Goodfae in order. There are major problems here, and they don’t just stop at the door to my house. My real life and my personal problems have been getting in the way of me delivering the kind of reading experience you deserve, and now I need to try to fix that. So I’m taking a short break to work things out, and when I return, Goodfae will resume updating once a week until the end of the semester, with occasional bonus content. Since I’ll be writing a lot anyway, I will regularly post material from my writing workshop as a bonus, so look forward to that as well. It’s for a grade, so any criticisms and comments on my workshop work will be appreciated.

I hope you all understand and forgive me.


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