Woops, I fucked up

Now before anyone groans and rightfully says “k0spam? Again with all these delays? You’re down to only one chapter a week!”, this isn’t a delay. Rather, the continuity alarm is busted and I didn’t notice until just now.

For those who remember Snatch.14, you might recall the offhand comment made by Paulie and Georgie about the mafia making deals with demons. I recently reread this chapter myself and realized that I’d totally forgotten about it while writing Stealing Stones and Breaking Bones and spent two whole chapters writing Al like a total idiot freaking out about an ongoing practice it’s been clearly established he is aware of. It’s not easy for me to admit, but I seriously screwed the pooch here, because now two chapters make no sense and both Al and I look like total boobs.

To those who spotted this mistake before I did but were just too polite to say anything, please feel free to laugh it up at my expense. I will be rewriting these chapters in a way that makes sense sometime in the near future. I encourage you to check them and the less than stellar Interlude 3.a out when they’re finished, but until then please bear with me while I correct this embarrassing mistake inbetween writing your scheduled weekly updates.

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