Hey guys! Thought you might be confused since there’s no new chapter up yet and there wasn’t one last week either (because ‘murica), so I just wanted to let you know there’s still gonna be a new chapter this week. I’ve just started my summer spanish class is all, so things have once again gotten a little busy for me. In the last week I’ve had to juggle spanish homework, the 4th of July, getting ready for my dad’s birthday this week and preparing an internship application for a local publishing company, which includes a revised resume and cover letter, a letter of recommendation from one of my former professors, and a book review (so you know, I had to read the book first in order to do that).

It’s been busy is what I’m trying to say. No worries though, chapter’s coming! I can’t give you an exact date or time right now, but it should be sometime in the next couple of days.

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