Chapter Progress

Iiiiiiiit’s… almost here! I’ve just about finished it, there’s only a few hundred more words to go. I should be able to finish it sometime tonight or tomorrow, so expect the new chapter to be up on Monday. In the meantime, I have delivered on some of the other things I promised. Renovations to the blog are underway! You may have already noticed the new menu option. It’ll take you to, where you can show your support for Goodfae by voting for it on the monthly polls! I’m also in the middle of adding more links to the sidebar (so you can visit things like Goodfae’s page at Web Fiction Guide if you haven’t already or don’t know where to find it) and expanding my page advertising other serials with descriptions and that jazz so I can give my fellow WordPress authors the credit they’re due!

The biggest change by far though is the one I’m most excited about. It’s been a long while since Goodfae started, over a year now (yay!). So I thought it was only fitting to finally give it its own trope page on Tvtropes. You can find it here. The page is still under renovation and it’s pretty basic, so it may be a while before it’s properly indexed and filled out. For those of you who are members of Tvtropes, feel free to edit it as much as you like! For those of you that aren’t, I strongly advise checking it out anyway. It’s a great site and a lot of fun, provided you don’t get lost for hours reading all the articles.

That’s all I have to say, really. New chapter should go up tomorrow after my spanish exam, so look forward to it! If you any questions or comments about the page or these new additions to the site, or just about anything in general, please say so in the comments. Good night everyone!

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