For a loving friend

Around 6:30 PM Tuesday evening, our dog Daisy passed away peacefully at the age of 15 after being put to sleep by our family vet. For the last few months she had been suffering from partial deafness, cataracts, dementia, and chronic pain in her back legs. When the vet told us the previous Friday that she had lost over 10% of her body weight in less than one month, we knew it was time. We decided to have her put to sleep rather than let her suffer through the final stages of old age.

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For the last few days I’ve been working through her death and trying to figure out how I should deal with it. We’ve gotten rid of her things, gone through all her pictures (the best of which you can see above), and in the hours since her passing, I’ve thought of a few words I like to say in memoriam.

This is for you, Daisy. You became a part of our family when I was only eight years old, and you’ve been like a sister to me ever since, in both the good ways and the bad. In this moment I love you more than words could ever describe, and I wish I could’ve shown you even a tiny fraction of that love while you were still alive. I want you to know we never betrayed you or let you go willingly. We were there with you up until the end, and we did what we had to because we loved you and didn’t want to see you suffer any more. I hope more than anything that you understand that.
R.I.P. Daisy May
June 2001 – September 2016
It’s been a long day without you, my friend… and it’ll be many more before I ever forget you. Goodfae will resume publication as soon as possible, once things have calmed down around here. Until then, I thank you all for your support and for two years of wonderful memories.

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