Update: Alkahest begins now!

Hey guys! NaNoWriMo is over, and while I’m sad to say a particularly nasty cold I caught during the second half of the month kept me from reaching my ultimate goal, I still got pretty damn far. Within spitting distance of 40,000 words, actually.

I decided early in the month that it would be better to just start publishing what I’d written at the end of the month to avoid distraction, but now that’s over and I can show you all the fruits of my labors. Hopefully you like it, but no biggie if you don’t. There are some parts I’m not particularly fond of myself that I’m hoping can be edited into oblivion during some hypothetical future rewrite (but for now let’s just focus on finishing, shall we?) As expected, the story I had in mind was never going to fit in a snug 50,000 words, and while I don’t see it ever being as long as Goodfae’s gotten, I’d say the story’s still not even half over, if that. As such, I’ll be publishing chapters as I continue to write them at a rate of once every other week to once a month depending on my rate of progress. Goodfae is still my priority after all, and I know a month is a long time to wait for a new chapter.

On that note, I’m beginning work on the new chapter of Goodfae effective immediately. However because I’m starting halfway through the week and my weekend already looks busy, I’m not sure if it’ll be ready before the first week of December is over. Hopefully not; if NaNoWriMo taught me anything it’s that I’m capable of writing a lot more a lot faster than I’d previously thought, but you know how real life can be.

Anyway, that’s just about all I wanted to say, and now here’s the first chapter of Alkahest, ready for your waiting eye-holes:


Be sure to leave a comment if you like it or even if you don’t. I always appreciate feedback. With that said, happy holidays from Goodfae everybody!

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