So I just got out of the hospital today after my surgery on Friday, and… well there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is… it’s not over yet. While the surgeon in charge of my biopsy initially thought we wouldn’t need to schedule a second operation, as the mass appeared to be fluid-filled and would just be drained while they took a tissue sample, after cutting me open we learned that the mass is in fact complex, and couldn’t be removed this time because it is filled largely tissue (thymus tissue, in fact). This means that, depending on the results of the biopsy, I might need to have an even more invasive surgery done to remove it if shrinking it with medication doesn’t seem possible.

The good news though is, as I alluded to above, the fact that we finally know more about what this mass is. They called it “thymus hyperplasia”, meaning that the thymus gland, which usually decomposes into adipose (fatty) tissue after puberty, never stopped growing in my case and has likely been there for years. This also means it’s almost certainly not harmful beyond what current discomfort it’s already been causing me. We’ll know more in a few days once the test results come in.

So that’s really all I have to offer after a month of waiting: The Adventure Continues. Honestly, I really hope this will all be over soon.





    1. Just a nuisance. Right now the big question I have to contemplate before my follow-up appointment is “do I want to have a second surgery to remove it?” Actually physically removing the mass would more than probably involve sawing through my sternum or cracking open a few ribs to get at it, which I’m guessing feels about as pleasant as it sounds.

      Of course, what I really need to know now is whether or not it’ll just continue to grow if I leave it alone or if delaying surgery indefinitely is actually safe. If this is gonna be a problem again, I’d rather spend a week in the hospital now than have to take care of it again later.

  1. Hey, at least it’s not TOO bad right? I bet it was a lot scarier when you didn’t know what it was. Let’s hope it gets fixed with just some medicine.
    Wish you well.

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