Month: October 2017

Goodfae is ending.

Goodfae is ending… isn’t that a strange phrase? I’ve been agonizing and deliberating over how to say this for a while now, but the conclusion I kept coming to was that it would be best to keep it as straightforward as possible. The last thing I want now is for anyone to feel confused, cheated or let down by what I’m about to say, though if that is how you truly feel by the end of this, you are entitled to that.

Now, let me attempt to explain myself. To be as blunt as possible, I’m ending Goodfae because I no longer find it creatively stimulating enough to continue pursuing. There are other reasons, of course. My upcoming thoracic surgery, which family events and job obligations have pushed up well into the months of October and November. The fact that, when I started writing this story, I was in a much different place in my life. Not only do my interests, goals and obligations differ drastically to the ones I had in college, but I simply can no longer afford to keep a bi-weekly or even weekly update schedule while also working full time. The limitations placed on me by my own mental and emotional health just won’t permit that kind of commitment anymore.

But the biggest reason by far for my sad and undoubtedly sudden cancellation of this serial is that I just can’t find it in me to continue writing it. I’ve lost all passion for it. Part of this might just have to do with life, as I alluded to, but more than that, Goodfae from its inception was a product born from passion and impulsiveness. A labor of love, but one held together with spit and a dream. I will be honest in saying very little planning went into Goodfae before I started writing it, and I probably am not going to surprise any of you by saying the ending was changed multiple times before even the first three arcs were completed. Characters were given shape but never much firmness or definition, and worldbuilding swiftly became a secondary concern. Plot, story, characters, setting; I had so many ideas for all of these things but in attempting to build them I never organized or pruned them. I just threw everything cool I could think of in, and hoped it would work itself out somehow. It didn’t.

Now I’m faced with the only two options of continuing forward with a story I have no idea how to fix, or scrapping something I put years of time and effort into (moreso in the beginning than towards the end, admittedly). It’s a sad choice I’d rather not have to make obviously, but seeing as I truly feel there’s nothing more I can really do with Goodfae, I know I’d rather be free to learn from my many mistakes and pursue some other project with the knowledge and insight I gained from writing Goodfae than be chained to a story I have no passion remaining for simply for completion’s sake. It’d be better for me emotionally as well as better for my writing if I just moved on.

I regret having to do this to all of you. That much goes without saying. You all have been my biggest supporters since the early days, and I appreciate all the feedback and kind words you’ve had to say to me about this first-time project. Your praise was what often kept me going long enough to write another chapter, and I’m so deeply sorry that your dedication has to go unrewarded like this. However, I have to do what I feel like is best for me, and right now that’s ending Goodfae. I know it sucks. It hurts me a lot to say the things I’m saying now, but it must be done.

At some point in the future, hopefully sometime soon, I will return with a new story in mind. One which has had much more time and effort put into it, as well as skill and mindfulness. I don’t know what the release schedule or premise of that story will be just yet (though I have some ideas), but I promise you that while this may be the end of Goodfae, it won’t be the end for me. I will continue writing, and once my next story is finished, I plan on putting it up online as well. Perhaps here, but more likely than not on a totally different blog or a website. When that days come, I will send emails or notifications to everyone currently subscribed to let you know it’s being released (if you’re still interested, of course).

I thank you all, truly and deeply, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting me and supporting Goodfae, and I hope that when next we meet, I’ll have something even better to show for it.