What’s going on?

I figured you guys deserved something after patiently waiting more than five days past deadline for this freakin’ chapter to come out, so I’ve decided to upload the greater portion of the chapter that’s finished (more than half but less than two-thirds, I’d say) so you can read it while you wait for me to finish the latter half (don’t worry, I have selected an appropriate cliffhanger to leave you off on 😛 ). Once the rest of it is done, I’ll edit what I’ve already posted to include it. Then, since my week this week looks relatively free of spanish homework and exams, I’ll immediately get to work writing another chapter to hopefully make up for this egregious delay.

I hope you all enjoy it. If you did, please leave a comment in the comments section. If you didn’t, feel free to do so anyway. I am always open to feedback and criticism so long as it is constructive 🙂


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